Integrated sewage treatment equipment

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Integrated sewage treatment equipment

Small field area, low noise

Product parameters

Product Name: integrated sewage treatment equipment

Product brand: GSET

Product features: high integration, firmness, beauty, efficiency, environmental protection, etc

Product advantages: long service life of corrosion-resistant non-metal

Application: municipal sewage rainwater lifting and conveying

Product features

01 full automatic control matched with large channel submersible pump, using Siemens PLC automatic control, realize all day unattended.

02. Long service life, anti silting shaft base and smooth inner wall ensure long-term use without maintenance; all internal metal parts are made of 304 stainless steel, with long service life.

03. It is convenient for installation and maintenance that personnel do not need to enter the barrel, and the water pump and grille can be hoisted in and out from the top.

04. Short project period: the series of products are supplied as finished products, and the installation and commissioning of all parts are completed in the factory. After the goods arrive at the site, they only need to be placed as a whole and buried

The time is much shorter than that of traditional pump station

Scope of application sewage treatment plant engineering unit

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